Celluloid capers

To prepare for their DigiEd films in week 7, groups in Year 7 had to create multiple backdrops with a single sheet of A3 of paper combined with props brought in from home.  We also watched films from past Year 7 classes, which gave us ideas and inspiration. 

The films had to have a simple narrative and they were to run for about 40 seconds to a minute. The groups also had to make character profiles and a storyboard. They did this during class time, and it took about one week. 

Each English class had their own full day of filming in week 7.  When the day arrived to film the claymation videos, we were provided with a demonstration on effectively taking the photos and editing the final product. 

With an entire day to complete the claymation films, it was so much fun producing them. The final products were amazing. The classes had an opportunity to watch each other’s films and the entire Year 7 enjoyed this experience. 

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