Catholic Schools Week 2024

Catholic Schools Week 2024 runs from 20 May – 25 May, celebrating the distinctive qualities of Catholic education and raising awareness of the many opportunities Catholic schools provide through faith-based education.

Our theme for Catholic Schools Week this year is 'Follow Me!', which draws on Jesus' simple yet profound invitation to walk with Him on a journey of discipleship. This invitation is not a mere call to walk alongside Jesus but a summons to be taught by Him and transformed by Him – just like it was for his Apostles and first disciples who left their fishing boats behind and followed Jesus.

It's an invitation to us to “leave our boats behind” too; to step out of the familiar confines of our personal "boats," the routines and securities we cling to, and embrace a life marked by trust, faithfulness, and love.

Hear more from Bishop Michael Kennedy below.

With many activities happening right across our schools throughout this period, contact your local school to make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to see why so many families choose Catholic education for their child’s school journey.


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