Celebrating St Dominic’s Day

Three Dominican schools in Mayfield - St Dominic’s Centre, San Clemente High School and St Columban’s Primary School – recently came together with Corpus Christi Primary School, Waratah to celebrate St Dominic’s Day.

The Feast Day of St Dominic celebrates the confirmation of the Order of Preachers in 1216 and Dominic’s devotion to spreading the Rosary.

Students from all four schools gathered at San Clemente for a morning liturgy which began with the playing of the didgeridoo and a choir performance by students from St Columban’s and Corpus Christi.

The story of St Dominic was retold as students carried symbols of the cross, the torch, the rosary, the globe, the books and each school’s candle.

“Instead of just reading about our Dominican history, we need to bring ourselves into it,” said Scott Donohoe, Principal of San Clemente.

“Like St Dominic, we need to read the signs of our times and bring the Gospel values to reality and into action. We need to think about how we can live life fully and leave our mark.

“Our schools have grown and flourished over the many years since their establishment. It is our time now to start to write the next chapter in our Dominican story. Dominican spirituality is a living reality which we must realise the here and now.

“What is our truth and how do we respond to it?

“Recognising the present allows us to look forward to the future and look back to acknowledge our heritage. Let us never forgot those that who came before us. We stand on their shoulders.”

Following the liturgy, the visiting Dominican Sisters were treated to a morning tea at St Dominic’s.

Later that afternoon students from San Clemente completed a Dominican Pilgrimage around Stockton as they explored the four Dominican pillars of study, service, prayer and community.