Exploring the past with All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus

All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus, offers students a number of Social Science subjects in both Preliminary and HSC HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment).

Catering for a wide range of student interests, St Mary’s Campus subject offerings include Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Geography, and Society and Culture.

In the Preliminary Year, students can also choose to enrol in St Mary’s Work Studies program. In the HSC Year, Extension History is offered to those who have a special interest in developing their own investigation into a historical issue.

Strong academic results

St Mary’s Campus has a strong tradition of excellent results in HSIE subjects.  Last year, students of All Saints’ College achieved the highest or equal highest mark in the diocese in Business Studies, Economics, Geography and Legal Studies.

Results in a number of areas were also above the state average including Ancient History (5.74), Geography (3.73), Legal Studies (1.86), Business Studies (1.61), and Society and Culture (0.55). In other subject areas, results were close to  state average and have been above in previous years.

Practical skill development

Excursions are offered in HSIE subjects at St Mary’s Campus that give students the opportunity to put theory into practice and  develop their skills further.

Business Studies and Geography, in particular, have a strong practical component that requires students to attend excursions and then reflect on their experiences in written tasks. 

Students of All Saints’ College are also given the opportunity to develop their practical skills by visiting locations such as Merewether and Stockton beaches.

This year, Business Studies students took on a practical case study as they experienced a cruise on Port Stephens as part of their business analysis of Imagine Cruises. 

In Legal Studies, students have the chance to participate as a St Mary’s Campus representative in the Mock Trial competition.