Lotus Art Show at St Therese’s

Thanks to the Stage 3 students at St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambton who put on an art show followed by a silent auction of artworks, over $11,000 was raised for a very worthy cause - The Lotus Educational Fund.

This foundation aims to create educational opportunities for young girls living in Laos, providing them with uniforms, books and school registration.

The theme for the St Therese’s art show was Faith in Action – which gave students and an opportunity to understand how their actions of service have a direct impact on the lives of others.

“It was wonderful to see Catholic Social Teaching enacted in a way that allowed students to see the difference they could make and be of service to others,” said Shazmey Murray, Year 6 teacher at St Therese’s.

Stage 3 students also made a variety of arts and crafts to sell at market stalls during the exhibition including giant lotus flowers, hand-painted mini canvasses, badges, show bags, Laos-themed activity books, stationery items, coloured bunting, woven baskets, magnets and origami birds.

Each student in Years 5 and 6 also designed and crafted an individual artwork with over 160 pieces on display during the exhibition.

The artworks focussed on concepts such as freedom of choice, poverty and opportunity - with each piece accompanied by an artist statement detailing the thoughts, symbolism and message behind the artwork. Each class also collaborated to create a larger canvas artwork. 

“It was wonderful to see the school and parish community supporting this fundraising event,” said Mrs Murray.

“The students loved having the opportunity to show their faith in action.”

Photography by Amanda Skehan.

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