St Brigid’s Raymond Terrace #GoBlue

Staff from St Brigid’s Primary School, Raymond Terrace dressed up in blue to support UNICEF’s (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) World Children’s Day.

World Children’s Day aims to support children around the world who struggle to start or finish their education due to conflict, poverty or humanitarian disasters, with this year’s theme being #GoBlue.

“I was particularly keen for our staff to be involved so that we could set an example for our students,” said Kristen Jones, a teacher at St Brigid’s.

“An example of thinking about others and in turn being grateful for the blessings we have, that perhaps we sometimes take for granted.”

The day began with a morning pray read by the school’s Religious Education Coordinator, Leanne Hogan, before each class took some time to watch a promotional video from UNICEF outlining the concept of World Children’s Day.

Having recently recognised World Kindness Day, students were encouraged to write gratitude letters to people within their school community including their bus driver, school cleaner and teachers’ aides.

Throughout the day students also coloured in their hands to represent the 264 million children who do not have the opportunity to start or finish their education to create a display for the school when completed.

“As an aside, I should mention that our school cleaner was so overwhelmed by the gratitude cards that one class had written for her that she in turn wrote a thoughtful thank-you card and presented the class with a lovely glass angel for their classroom,” said Kristen.

“Kindess begets kindness,” she said.

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