Renee Wilcher receives Emmaus Award for First Five Years of Teaching

Renee Wilcher from St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar consistently strives for excellence in both her teaching and in the learning opportunities she provides for her students, receiving the Emmaus Award for First Five Years of Teaching.

Now in her third year, Renee incorporates a range of teaching strategies into her practice which include adjustments and differentiation for students with learning support needs.

Additionally, Renee provides extension opportunities for students to develop their giftedness and achieve their potential through their engagement with more complex and challenging tasks.

She continues to develop her own knowledge through engaging in a range of professional learning opportunities by involvement both within allocated work hours and additionally in her own personal time, to ensure she remains informed of contemporary changes in her teaching area.

Renee is dedicated to her vocation of teaching and supports activities outside the school including, the Maitland-Newcastle DARA van, which provides support to the marginalised in the community.

She is a collaborative and collegial employee who makes valuable contributions to both her faculty and whole school community.

“Renee is a wonderful teacher and colleague who is a commendable recipient of this award,” said Lisa Peel, HSIE Leader of Learning at St Joseph’s.

“She demonstrates maturity and wisdom beyond her years in the teaching profession and always places the students learning at the centre of her work, spending countless hours preparing valuable and engaging learning opportunities for her students.

“She is a wonderful colleague who goes about her day in a professional manner, consistently seeking opportunities to be a collaborative and supportive member of our College community.

“St Joseph’s College is very fortunate Renee chose our school community to begin her teaching vocation.”

Congratulations to Renee Wilcher.

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