ASPIRE students raise awareness for Hunter Melanoma

A group of ASPIRE students have been educating secondary students in the Diocese on the need to be sun safe.

The six students - Oliver Crawford, Jasmine Brown, Olga Scorer, Riley Warner from St Francis Xavier’s, Hamilton and Caitlin Byron and Laura Valantine from St Joseph’s, Aberdeen - and myself worked with the Hunter Melanoma Foundation to create an original script to educate students on the need to be sun safe.

The confronting script titled Danny tells the story of a young man diagnosed with melanoma through both his eyes and those of his friends and mother.

The group performed the script to students at St Pius X, Adamstown, Cardiff High School and San Clemente, Mayfield as part of a pilot program being run by the Hunter Melanoma Foundation.

The performances were well received with students commenting on the relevance to their age group. The performances also prompted a range of questions regarding sun screen use and the need to be vigilant about checking your skin.

ASPIRE is incredibly proud to have been able to be a part of spreading such an important message to young people.

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Anna Kerrigan Image
Anna Kerrigan

Anna is the Artistic Director of ASPIRE, an audition-based drama, dance, music and creative and performing arts program produced by the Catholic Schools Office of Maitland-Newcastle.