Louise Barnes receives Emmaus Award for School Support

Louise Barnes, the Learning Support Assistant at St Patrick's Primary School, Lochinvar has worked tirelessly for students with special needs over many years, receiving the Emmaus Award for School Support. 

Louise has displayed a natural affinity with the students she supports and works intuitively to understand their needs and develop the skills and confidence of each student.

Throughout situations of crisis, she is able to calm those involved and communicate with the student, finding a balance between what is needed and expected by the school, as well as what is possible for the student.

She knows exactly when to step in and assist the student/teacher and when to give space so they can attempt to work through a classroom task or social situation independently.

She is a skilled trouble shooter, both in the classroom and on the playground, and can spot a situation that has the potential to escalate and step in, in a calm and friendly way, to redirect behaviour to achieve a positive result. Louise is trustworthy, punctual, calm, reliable, patient and fair.

“Louise is a dedicated professional who has served the St Patrick's school community for the last eight years,” said Jacqueline Wilkinson, Principal at St Patricks.

“Louise’s gift is her ability to relate to all students, to get to know them and their interests and to provide support in a genuine, pastoral and highly motivating way.

“Louise’s passion, commitment and positivity is a breath of fresh air in the lives of those she comes in contact. Louise embodies grace and humility and exemplifies gospel values.”

Congratulations Louise Barnes.

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