Hamilton South to welcome new playground

The grounds of the Hamilton South Community Hall, home to CatholicCare’s Community Kitchen, will soon be full of joy when a dilapidated playground is replaced.

CatholicCare has received $70,000 from state government MP Tim Crakanthorp to pay for the new equipment.

The funds have been delivered as part of the NSW Government’s Local Small Commitments Allocation program.

Executive Director Gary Christensen is excited to see the revitalised playground come to life.

“This project has been a passion of mine for many years, and my team has worked on itfor a considerable time. I am proud of the collaborative effort that has led us here. We deeply appreciate the community's patience as we finalise the plans,” Gary said.

“For many families, a playground represents far more than just a collection of equipment. It is a hub of stimulation and joy for children and a place of respite for parents.

“We’re excited to bring new life to the Hamilton South Community. We can’t wait to hear children laughing and playing here, and we look forward to seeing families create cherished memories at this playground for years to come.”

Hear more about the project in the below story from NBN News or read more in the Newcastle Weekly.

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