Exploring the power of the written word with young scriptwriters

ASPIRE has launched its Young Scriptwriter program by holding a workshop day at San Clemente High School, Mayfield.

The day started with students focusing on script analysis and holding discussions around plot, character and writing for stage as well as the role of the dramaturg (a literary adviser or editor in a theatre) in shaping story.

Students were also visited by guest speaker Rowan Bate from Australian Theatre for Young People, who talked further about story, dramatic action and character.

“The program essentially came about because I was so impressed by some of the creative, engaging and well-structured written monologues students auditioned with for the ASPIRE production drama auditions last year,” said Anna Kerrigan, Artistic Director of ASPIRE.

“The fact they were auditioning meant they have a genuine interest in theatre and therefore developing their skills in script writing would introduce them to an avenue of creative writing not often explored in the classroom.”

The program will involve three further workshop days that will allow students to delve further into various approaches to theatrical writing and working on their own scripts that will be brought to life at The Civic Playhouse in December. The will be held on:

17 June 2019: Different approaches to writing from 9am to 3pm at San Clemente, Mayfield

The day will involve exploring a number of different approaches to writing text and using different theatrical styles, including accounts from various playwrights and a guest presenter.

2 September: Getting started from 9am to 3pm at San Clemente, Mayfield

The day will include analysis of monologues and short scenes before beginning the writing process and starting our own scripts. In between these two dates the group will be working on their scripts and receiving feedback from Anna Kerrigan

4 and 5 December: Staged Reading from 9am to 3pm at The Civic Playhouse, Newcastle

The group will see their text brought to life by actors and be involved in the presentation of their work. There will be a staged reading at the Civic Playhouse on December 5 at 6pm.

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