Celebrating Volunteer Week: Michelle McDonald and Natalie Easey from St Bede’s Chisholm

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration of the people in our communities who generously donate their time to helping others.

Two such people within the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle are Michelle McDonald and Natalie Easey – two parents from St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm who have both given their time to the secondary school since 2017.

Both mothers contributed to the successful commencement of St Bede’s through their assistance at student orientation days, attending and presenting at parent forums, sitting on the uniform committee and being the official parent representatives for St Bede's at Parent & Friend forums and committees.

Michelle was also a part of the staff appointment interview panel.

“Michelle and Narelle have provided invaluable support for the successful beginning of St Bede’s,” said John Murphy, Principal of St Bede’s.

“Being a foundation secondary school that commenced last year with Year 7 and is growing one year group per calendar year, the support of Michelle and Natalie has been very much appreciated.

“Michelle and Natalie are examples of parents working with schools to get the best possible outcomes for our students.”