Celebrating Volunteer Week: Helen Webber, Freda Younan, Kimberley Day and Naomi Kinkade at Holy Name Forster

Holy Name Primary School, Forster is never short of a helping hand thanks to their wonderful team of volunteers including Helen Webber, Freda Younan, Kimberley Day and Naomi Kinkade.

Helen Webber has been a volunteer within the canteen at Holy Name for over ten years, with at least five of her grandchildren attending the school.

Helen has always quietly gone about her service and consistently provided support across the school. Helen has also extended her support to the school fete, where she would assist in running a food stall with her daughters Kylie and Louise.

As well as volunteering in the canteen, Helen has also volunteered her time with the school’s Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. As part of this, Helen attends a two-hour lesson each week to provide support to the teacher and the kitchen and garden specialists in harvesting and preparing the food with the students.

Along with all of that, last year Helen initiated extra support of the schools Monday morning breakfast program after the sudden and sad loss of another volunteer.

“Helen is such a great ambassador for volunteers and is highly appreciated by the community of Holy Name School,” said Brooke Schumann, Principal of Holy Name.

Freda Younan has been a long time member of the Forster-Tuncurry Parish and Holy Name school community, with her own children attending the school in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Around 2005, Freda began working one-on-one with students who were experiencing difficulties in learning to read.

Freda worked with the school’s Learning Support team and implemented reading programs at least three days each week to provide the support students needed.

Prior to volunteering to support individual students, Freda volunteered in the canteen and can still be found supporting the school canteen today when needed.

Freda also loves to volunteer in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, as she supports students in the preparation of food to share. Freda also shares her love of cooking and knowledge of Lebanese cuisine with the students as part of the program.

“Freda’s work with our students is definitely an example of her faith life in action,” said Brooke.

“Her time spent in our school and with our students certainly adds value to our Holy Name community.”

As a parent of Holy Name for the past three years, Kimberley Day has been offering her support in the canteen and regularly supporting Canteen Manager, Julianne, since her first child’s first day at the school.

“Kimberley is a great example of the spirit of community that we strive for at Holy Name,” said Brooke.

During her seven years as part of the Parents and Friends Association at Holy Name in a fundraising role, Naomi Kinkade has organised and implemented a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stall, an Easter raffle and a Christmas stall each year.

Naomi sources all of the gifts for each stall through outlets, but also keeps her eye out throughout the year for bargains in the community that could be used.

Naomi has also shown her support within the classroom for reading and maths groups, volunteered in the Kitchen Garden program and coordinated a stall at the school fete.

Naomi is a big supporter of school sporting carnivals and has helped with time keeping at swimming and athletics events.

Whenever there is a school event Naomi will volunteer to cook sausages or pancakes at the barbeque and generally help in any way possible.

“Naomi is a busy mother of two who works shift hours and still manages to keep volunteering her time and energy for our school community,” said Brooke.

“We are blessed to have people like Naomi in our community and hope she knows how much we appreciate her efforts.”

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