Grandparent's Day at St Francis Xavier’s

On Monday 5 August, grandparents, family and community members were invited to St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, Belmont to celebrate a very special event on the school calendar, Grandparent's Day.

This is always a huge day for the community of SFX, and the turn out this year was an amazing success.

Prior to the day, students were busy preparing artworks for their grandparents, which were then displayed around the school playground for the community to see.

The day commenced with a whole school liturgy where we celebrated and reflected upon the special moments we have shared with our grandparents, and those unique habits they may bestow upon us later in life. The liturgy celebration was a combination of prayer, tears, laughter and reflection. 

Following the liturgy, we had open classrooms, where grandparents and family members came to visit their grandchildren in action. Students were able to show off their amazing school work and tell “their” story of school life so far this year. The smiles and conversations circulating around the classroom were both intriguing and inspiring.

The morning finished with a delicious morning tea over in the Church hall - it was a pleasure to see so many faces enjoying a coffee or tea while families were catching up and reminiscing over the past.

I had the pleasure of chatting to a gentleman and listening to his stories of being at SFX over 50 years ago. He talked about his fond memories of being a former SFX student and how he was so glad to see the school ethos was still as welcoming as ever.

It was a beautiful day for all St Francis Xavier’s community members.

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