Solar cars take over at St John the Baptist

Stage 3 teachers from St John the Baptist Primary School, Maitland recently took part in a Professional Development Day in Cessnock. The PD focused on Mini Electric Vehicles and their application to Stage 3 Science.

Throughout the day, they were introduced to solar cars, which are cars that are powered by solar electricity.

After learning the many features and educational benefits of solar cars, the teachers decided to introduce them to their Year 6 students to further understand and develop their skills and knowledge about solar energy.

St John's is utilising the technological skills within the classroom as our students are Digital Natives. Students have the opportunity to explore different topics through STEM based learning, allowing for higher order thinking, investigation, team work and being exposed to many different ways of learning.

When technology is incorporated into any lesson, it is very evident that students are more engaged, excited to explore new skills and are widely open to taking risks.

Technology is a part of the students every days lives, so it is important to allow them to be exposed and integrate it more and more into the classroom.

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