World Prayer Day at St Kevin’s Cardiff to remember the forgotten

The Diocese celebrated World Prayer Day (1 March) with this year’s country of focus being Slovenia with the theme being Come – Everything is Ready.

This year’s theme is inspired by the story Jesus told of a great dinner attended by people who were called off the streets after all the invited guests had to excuse themselves. People continued to be called from the streets as they found the house was still not full.

This year’s World Prayer Day reminds us to think of those in the community who are often forgotten and about those who are missing from the table in your community.

St Kevin’s Primary School, Cardiff celebrated the day by holding an ecumenical service which was attended by students from Years 4 to 6.

The service heard the voices of five Slovenian women and their stories, experiences and struggles – a moving reminder to all to be open and welcoming to others and to support those in need.

Next year’s World Prayer Day will focus on the women of Zimbabwe, with the theme Rise, take your mat and walk.

It will provide the opportunity for us to hear their stories and learn more about their country and their needs.

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