Moane’s School Visit 2016

At St Nicholas, Newcastle West, we have a dedicated school readiness program in the Moane Room to help the children transitioning to school.

To provide continuous support and guidance to the children moving on at the beginning of next year, we took a group of school leavers for a visit to St Joseph’s Primary School, Merewether.

Arriving at the school we were greeted by St Joseph’s principal, Mr Treloar. From there we visited the school library and the quadrangle that offered a large range of outdoor activities. Next we moved to the assembly area and explained to the children that they have whole school meetings or gatherings. From there we explored the school’s vegetable gardens and compost pots. We looked around the kindergarten rooms and then sat down together for a morning snack. The children also saw the bubblers, bathrooms, canteen and multiple play areas for different age groups.

Although we understand that most of the children attend orientation for the individual schools they will be attending next year, it is an important part of our school transition program to organise a visit to a school environment where the children are able to attend alongside their well-known peers. This excursion has allowed the children to gain a better understanding of the primary school environment and will help them gain confidence and understanding of primary school in preparation for when they begin next year.

We thank all St Joseph’s staff and Mr Treloar for making this experience possible for our children.

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Toni Warburton Image
Toni Warburton

Toni Warburton is the Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West.

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