Less ego!

I think for me it was such a privilege to watch so many of our young people be inspired and then transformed by the journey across World Youth Day.

I'm not sure the footsteps of the saints connected necessarily but I know the inspirational words of our three Catechists, and in particular Archbishop Prowse, really touched a nerve in a good way with them. Challenged was a word that sprang to mind. The thought of a few lines of scripture to be taken like a spiritual pill three times a day with meals resonated. 

My most moving time was the sanctuary of St Francis of Assisi. Walking through the hermitage and the ever-narrowing doors and paths, was both a physical and spiritual challenge as I had to strip away my 'baggage' to reach the peace of the sanctuary. 'Less ego' was what we ended up with as one of the young teachers remarked when we stood together in front of the old and decrepit tree that St Francis once stood under and preached to the doves. Less ego!

YOU'RE INVITED: Come along and hear more about Fr Greg Barker's experience at Spirit & Truth this Friday 2 December.

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