Ecumenical Conversations Dialogue comes to Jesmond Park Uniting Church

On 27 February, Jesmond Park Uniting Church will play host to Ecumenical Conversations Dialogue from 6pm-9pm. The event provides those across Newcastle, and throughout the Hunter Valley, with the opportunity to gather as a community.

The topic for this dialogue will be “What we can learn from each other about Ministry of Lay People?”

If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP to

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What is Ecumenical Conversations Dialogue?

In 1925, the Church of Sweden held the World Conference of Life and Work. The conference was conceived by Archbishop Nathan Soderblom who hoped to bring the major churches of the world together to work collaboratively in renewing their efforts to achieve peace and justice.

“The world is too strong for a divided church” ~The Life and Work Conference, Stockholm 1925

An idea of Christian unity

The word’ecumenical’ comes from the Greek word oikoumene, which means “the entire inhabited world”. As the word suggests, the vision for ecumenism is to inspire unity and co-operation between the many different Christian denominations.

Ecumenical dialogues centre around theological differences between the different churches, and serve as a platform for conversations about ways in which churches with different ecclesiastical ideas can work together to reach a singular end with regard to evangelisation and service on a large scale.

Dispelling misconceptions with open and honest dialogue

Ecumenical conversations also provide an opportunity to unite through establishing an understanding of one another. By providing an open forum for dialogue, the churches of Australia come together to seek understanding by asking questions and providing the opportunity to listen and be heard.

Ecumenical conversations help to bring people together through the process of talking to one another and hearing each other.