The year of values

Nearly 80 per cent of Australians believe “schools should be a safe place for students to explore deeper questions of faith and belief” - this according to ground-breaking research conducted by McCrindle.

This finding comes as Ffaith leaders have proclaimed 2019 as the year of values and have launched a video detailing the numerous benefits of special religious education (SRE). These benefits include supporting each child’s mental health and wellbeing. Most notable, however, is the role special religious education plays in multiculturalism, acceptance and inclusion.

In the video below, Murray Norman, Christian SRE CEO, explains how special religious educations gives children the space and opportunity to explore and share their faith.

In a recent press release, Mr Norman said the study conducted by McCrindle “found that SRE improves the mental health of children and promotes cross-cultural harmony”.

This is especially notable as he McCrindle research also found that 93 percent of Australians believe schools should place a greater emphasis on each child’s mental health and wellbeing.

“SRE is about values,” said Mr Norman. “Values should be the core of every student’s holistic education”.

Exploring faith and belief in Australian schools

In the infographic below, McCrindle details some of the most significant findings their recent study uncovered.

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