Church without Walls: Tighes Hill Community Garden

In our second Church without Walls - Stories of Mission and Outreach video, hear from Lawrie and Jennifer on how the Tighes Hill Community Garden is bringing joy to our local community.

Church without Walls is an initiative of our Diocesan Synod journey, Building the Kingdom of God Together, and invites you to encounter the stories of mission and outreach that occur across our Diocese every single day. 

In the video below, local volunteers Lawrie and Jennifer take us for a stroll through the Tighes Hill Community Garden. Established in 2012, the Community Garden has grown to become a place where the community gathers and forms new connections. It is described as being a place of prayer, a place of community, and a place of outreach. 

Tighes Hill parishioner Lawrie Hallinan says it is community projects such as this which play an essential role in linking the Church to the community.

If you're interested in learning more about mission and outreach in our Diocesan community, watch Baden's story and how he is working to help the homeless and vulnerable through CatholicCare's Food Programs.

Diocesan Synodal Journey Update

In order to walk together, the Church today needs a conversion to the synodal experience. It needs to strengthen a culture of dialogue, reciprocal listening, spiritual discernment, consensus and communion in order to find areas and ways of joint decision-making and to respond to pastoral challenges. In this way, co-responsibility in the life of the Church will be fostered in a spirit of service….Synodality is a constitutive dimension of the Church. We cannot be Church without recognising a real practice of the sensus fidei of all the People of God. (Amazonian Synod n. 88)

While the third session of our Diocese's Synod has been postponed, synodal engagement with the Catholic Church in our Diocese continues. Church without Walls is just one initiative forming part of the Building the Kingdom of God Together synodal journey. Click here to read more about other synodal initiatives within our Diocese.

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