Find support and inspiration at Toronto’s first-ever menALIVE weekend

For the first time, the Toronto Parish will host a menALIVE weekend encouraging men from across our Diocese to come together.

An event in March is set to give men within our Diocese a chance to connect with others, seek support and learn more about their faith.

For the first time, the Toronto Parish will host a menALIVE weekend encouraging men from across our parishes to come together.

“This is an opportunity for men to experience peer support from other ordinary Christian men,” event organiser Phil McWilliam said.

“Hopefully, it will help them in their own lives, deepen their faith and involvement in their journey with God. 

“It’s quality time spent with Christian men of various backgrounds in a friendly and non-threatening environment.

“It’s not overly theological. It doesn’t require a great amount of background education in faith – it’s just a way for attendees to experience faith in other people’s lives and gain support for any challenges they might be facing.”

Run in partnership with menALIVE, the event, running over Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, aims to inspire, encourage, and renew the participant’s sense of purpose and mission.

menALIVE teams work in partnership with parishes throughout Australia and New Zealand to run these engaging weekends.

From learning and experiences, the program has been honed over the past twenty years. It delivers relevant talks and personal testimonies, opportunities for discussion in small groups and, most importantly, provides space and environment for men to reflect.

Phil encourages any man who is interested to register for the event.

“Please come along and connect with others,” he said.

 “I think it’s sometimes difficult to get people motivated to attend one of these opportunities, but invariably if they do, the feedback we hear is that it’s been really worthwhile.

“So I would say to someone thinking about attending, that it’s a great opportunity to gain some insight into and deepen your faith.”

More information on the weekend can be found here, and you can register online here. Feel free to email the organisers at if you need further information.

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