Hindu Community visits our Diocese

“We find so much peace here.”

That's a statement from the Cardiff South Hindu Community upon visiting the grounds of the Sacred Heart Cathedral and the diocesan offices last Tuesday 5 September.

It was a blessing for members of the Pastoral Ministries team to welcome eleven members of the local Hindu community to come and explore the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Cathedral as well as discovering the history of what was once the Sisters of Mercy convent and the previous Sacred Heart school site.

The guests broke up into two smaller groups with Pastoral Ministries staff volunteering to lead the tour. There was much curiosity throughout the morning, with our guests having the opportunity to explore and ask questions.

On several occasions when the community was sitting in the Cathedral or near the Columbarium, in their own words, they told us “We find so much peace here”.

It was beautiful to hear this and was a true example of the way that as interfaith communities we can come together to share our stories and journey, always learning and growing from one another on the way.

The morning finished with us all joining in chit-chat over some yummy morning tea from Martha Café. The day had many people from differing backgrounds and beliefs, but we all shared plenty of laughs and fruitful conversation together, a real testament that it doesn’t matter what your story is, we all walk this path of life together.

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