Lives that mattered IMAGE Aurora

Lives that mattered

July 04, 2020 Bishop Bill Wright

As we come up to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday this year, issues of race, discrimination and reconciliation are very much on the public agenda around the world.

Recognition and support required IMAGE Aurora

Recognition and support required

July 07, 2020 Gary Christensen

The disproportionate incarceration rates of Indigenous people in Australia is an issue that cannot be understated.

Rugby helped me to belong IMAGE Aurora

Rugby helped me to belong

July 13, 2020 Todd Dagwell

By her own admission Courtney Currie was “hard to handle” as a child but after taking up rugby union in high school the description now applies to the star player‘s on-field talents as she works towards a coveted Australian jersey.

Siblings bear the scars but retain the faith  IMAGE Aurora

Siblings bear the scars but retain the faith

July 08, 2020 Darrell Croker

Aboriginal siblings Richard and Louise Campbell were separated when they were stolen from their parents in 1965. Richard somehow survived the inhumane treatment of the Kinchela Boys Home outside Kempsey, while Louise grew up with foster families in western Sydney as well as the Hunter Valley.   

My story IMAGE Aurora

My story

July 10, 2020 Judy West

I am Aunty Judy and I am a proud Aboriginal elder of the Worimi people. At this moment in time global mass gatherings around the world have occurred against the backdrop of discontent in a world that is unrecognisable in a lot of ways, due to COVID-19, and one that has also amplified racial inequity. 

Celebrate differences for harmony IMAGE Aurora

Celebrate differences for harmony

July 14, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

Australia is a highly successful multicultural society, fortunate to be exposed to a rich diversity of practices and traditions. If we aspire to live in a harmonious society, it is vital that we do not merely accept or tolerate those differences but celebrate what makes us different and find joy in our uniqueness.

Implement these strategies for stability IMAGE Aurora

Implement these strategies for stability

July 15, 2020 Gerard Ogle

Making sense of an unstable environment and managing the resulting emotions can be difficult and confronting.

RAP advances social change IMAGE Aurora

RAP advances social change

July 09, 2020 Teresa Brierley

A reconciled community is one in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians work together in a spirit of respect, honesty, humility, mutual care, accountability and trust to bring about hope, healing, love, justice and peace.

Aboriginal entrepreneur offers sporting chance IMAGE Aurora

Aboriginal entrepreneur offers sporting chance

July 17, 2020 Darrell Croker

Cory Robertson knows and loves sport. Many Aboriginals do. And as country boy to boot, his philosophy has always been “play hard, work hard, and have your mate’s back”.

Beliefs shared responsibly IMAGE Aurora

Beliefs shared responsibly

July 21, 2020 Suzanne Fern

There has been significant growth in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student enrolments in Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle schools in the past 10 years.

The getting of wisdom IMAGE Aurora

The getting of wisdom

July 22, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

Craig Duncan is a proud Gamilaraay man whose openness, broad smile and hearty laugh create a compelling presence. He's also a passionate advocate for equality, shared perspectives and conversations.

Cultures headed for healthy outcome IMAGE Aurora

Cultures headed for healthy outcome

July 24, 2020 Frances Holz

Providing healthcare in a culturally safe environment has focused Calvary Mater Newcastle’s work to help close the unacceptable gap in disparity for Aboriginal people.

Help towards healing the nation IMAGE Aurora

Help towards healing the nation

July 27, 2020 Brittany Gonzalez

In her first year studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sophie Cunningham received the Puggy Hunter Memorial scholarship, created to encourage and assist indigenous undergraduates in health-related disciplines.

Language outlives missionary effort IMAGE Aurora

Language outlives missionary effort

July 28, 2020 Mark Dunn

Newcastle today is a modern, vibrant city, world famous for its beaches and proximity to the Hunter Valley vineyards. But it is sometimes forgotten it has a convict history at its core and an Aboriginal story to tell as well. 

Fertile research IMAGE Aurora

Fertile research

July 29, 2020 Brooke Robinson

Research shows one-in-six Australian couples experience infertility. A team from the University of Newcastle, Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and the University of Western Sydney, believe mobile phone apps may be key to improving women’s fertility knowledge. 

Communication needs breaking down IMAGE Aurora

Communication needs breaking down

July 30, 2020 Darrell Croker

The ban on mass gatherings has forced the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle to assess its Mass-centricity. Coronavirus is a pandemic for the ages, pushing pastoral prerogatives to the forefront, and the movement of people to “modern” digital communication allows parishes to revert to being the “communities of old”.

Book Review - Sorry Day IMAGE Aurora

Book Review - Sorry Day

July 31, 2020 Ben McCarthy

“Long ago and not so long ago …”

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