REVIEW: Dealing With Autism IMAGE Aurora

REVIEW: Dealing With Autism

September 03, 2015 Comments Monica Scanlon

In Dealing With Autism: How I successfully raised my child with autism and how you can too, Randa Habelrih shares her family’s personal journey. In 1996 Randa gave up her successful career in the cosmetics industry to travel the unknown waters of researching and implementing ongoing therapy for her newborn son Richard.

Musings on Life’s Stages IMAGE Aurora

Musings on Life’s Stages

September 01, 2015 Comments Tracey Edstein

There's something very apt about the fact that drama teacher Andrew Coates and his wife, theatre director Ann Croger, have quite a romantic story to tell of their first meeting.

Teacher Tells Story of Local Legend IMAGE Aurora

Teacher Tells Story of Local Legend

September 01, 2015 Comments Trish Bogan

When asked to write a biography of Rolf Everist (Tom) Farrell, teacher Christopher Mooney said, “I can honestly say I hadn’t heard of him.” Once he began to research, however, his ignorance turned to admiration for a man who helped to transform the face of Newcastle and beyond.

Think Globally, Act Locally, Change Personally IMAGE Aurora

Think Globally, Act Locally, Change Personally

September 01, 2015 Comments Tony Harris

Tony Harris shares experiences that echo the injunctions of Pope Francis’ recent encyclical Laudato Si’.

Happy 10th Birthday St Patrick’s IMAGE Aurora

Happy 10th Birthday St Patrick’s

September 01, 2015 Comments Kylie Cooper

If the smiles of the children are any indication, then St Patrick’s Early Education Centre at Singleton has much to celebrate as it marks its tenth anniversary.

Learning From the Goodes and the Not So Good IMAGE Aurora

Learning From the Goodes and the Not So Good

September 01, 2015 Comments Emma Blackford

The nation was divided recently as to whether or not the booing directed at Adnyamathanha man and 2014 Australian of the Year, AFL star, Adam Goodes, from a group of fired-up spectators in the crowd, was racially motivated or not.

Innovation Education at St Mary’s Gateshead IMAGE Aurora

Innovation Education at St Mary’s Gateshead

September 01, 2015 Comments Geri Williams

National Science Week 2015 was celebrated at St Mary’s High School, Gateshead, with a showcase and demonstration of student projects from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) classes on 14 August. 

Art’s for Life’s Sake IMAGE Aurora

Art’s for Life’s Sake

September 01, 2015 Comments Emma South

San Clemente is a school that prides itself on its passion for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), with artwork lining every hallway, performances at every assembly and involvement in a wide variety of community and diocesan events.

The Sultan Meets a Saint IMAGE Aurora

The Sultan Meets a Saint

September 01, 2015 Comments Shirley McHugh

Shirley McHugh reports on an interfaith event taking place next month at Toronto. 

The Art of Teamwork IMAGE Aurora

The Art of Teamwork

September 01, 2015 Comments Anna Kerrigan

The ASPIRE production is over for another year and as I reflect, and plan for 2016, I look at the successes of this year. All too often the real success stories in the performing arts are not the final product on the stage, but what emerges from the rehearsal process. 

Making a Difference to the Lives of Trafficked People IMAGE Aurora

Making a Difference to the Lives of Trafficked People

September 01, 2015 Comments Noelene Simmons rsj

Aurora invited Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) to share something of its work in an area which is the source of so much suffering.

Soul Searching? Search Here! IMAGE Aurora

Soul Searching? Search Here!

September 01, 2015 Comments Monica Scanlon

I sensed a calm, peaceful feeling upon entering the grounds of the Mercy Spirituality Centre at Toronto. The vast views of Lake Macquarie from this retreat venue are complemented by the beautiful, spacious gardens. It is a truly great setting for reflecting – a place for renewal of mind, body and spirit.

CatholicCare Offers Strong Support for Foster Carers IMAGE Aurora

CatholicCare Offers Strong Support for Foster Carers

September 01, 2015 Jamie-Lee Habeler

CatholicCare Social Services is delighted to be participating in Foster Care Week, an annual event held in NSW to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding work of foster carers.

The Catholic Church and Ethics of Migration IMAGE Aurora

The Catholic Church and Ethics of Migration

September 01, 2015 Comments Fr Maurizio Pettena

In the Gospel, Jesus compels us to welcome the stranger (Matthew 25:35). Welcome involves both an attitude and an action. Our attitude constantly needs to be assessed in light of the Gospel to ensure that we are carrying out the Lord's commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves. Once we have the right attitude, our actions should reflect and consolidate this.

Celebrating a Unique Community IMAGE Aurora

Celebrating a Unique Community

September 01, 2015 Comments Michael O’Connor

Wollombi is a beautiful place. Its very name depicts it.

It is situated in a narrow valley where the Wollombi Brook and the Congewai Creek come together. Nearby, the Narone and Yango Creeks enter the flow.

CARE TALK: The Kindest Cut of All IMAGE Aurora

CARE TALK: The Kindest Cut of All

September 01, 2015 Comments Tanya Russell

CARE TALK is a monthly advice column in Aurora Magazine where a registered psychologist offers answers to common questions around mental health and counselling.

Stepping up as a Father IMAGE Aurora

Stepping up as a Father

August 31, 2015 Comments Marty Leist

As Father’s Day approaches, Marty Leist of the Australian Men’s Shed Association shares his somewhat complicated experience of family life. 

True Colours Shining Through IMAGE Aurora

True Colours Shining Through

August 31, 2015 Comments Roger Peters

Newcastle psychologist Roger Peters reflects on a creative activity enjoying something of a revival. 

All Aboard for Krakow in 2016 IMAGE Aurora

All Aboard for Krakow in 2016

August 31, 2015 Comments Brian Lacey, Sue Lacey

Pilgrim leaders Brian and Sue Lacey extend an invitation to the young and the not so young. 

150 editions, thousands of stories IMAGE Aurora

150 editions, thousands of stories

August 31, 2015 Comments Kylie Cooper

As I enter the last month of my contract as Communications Manager for the diocese, I am filled with admiration for the tireless work that goes into bringing Aurora to fruition each month, and a feeling of privilege to be here for the 150th edition. I thought I’d find out from our Aurora Editor of 14 years, Tracey Edstein, how Aurora has become the magazine it is today.

Seeds to Supper at St Columban’s IMAGE Aurora

Seeds to Supper at St Columban’s

August 31, 2015 Comments

In late 2014, St Columban’s Primary, Mayfield, was awarded a grant of $6500 from the Port of Newcastle to initiate the ‘Seeds to Supper’ project. This project recognised a need to educate students about sustainability and healthy eating, including gardening and cooking with local produce. 

Acknowledging the Human Factor IMAGE Aurora

Acknowledging the Human Factor

August 31, 2015 Comments Bishop Bill Wright

I am writing this in a hurry. It could and should have been done some time over the last few days, but I have been afflicted with a bit of a medical problem which, while quite minor, has been a source of persistent physical discomfort. This has militated against two elements of the writing process: sitting still (emphasis on sitting) and composing the mind. It has been all too easy to conclude that it would be wise to put off the writing until I was feeling better. Which is what I have done.

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