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The Christmas period can be a stressful time of searching for the perfect present, yet many of those gifts are unwanted. When most of us have more than we need, an unwanted gift represents a significant waste and serves as a profound symbol of the wealth gap between western countries and those living in poverty.

This year Caritas Australia, part of one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world, is encouraging Australians to help bring about change in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Caritas Australia’s Head of Engagement and Sustainability, David Armstrong, said Caritas Global Gifts offer a way of showing compassion to those in need, while rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas.

"Caritas is working globally to alleviate poverty and assist people to live healthier, happier lives,” Mr Armstrong said.

“When you send a Global Gift, you’re helping to spread the message that is the very essence of Christmas − that we’re all part of the one human family, working to make the world a better place.” 

Global Gifts can be purchased for as little as $10 and come with a gift card for a friend or family member.

“In buying a gift, you touch the life of a community, bringing hope and joy. Thanks to your support, entire communities are empowered to create better futures,” Mr Armstrong said.

Doney, from a remote Malawi village in Southern Africa, is a great example of how putting compassion into action can change lives. While much of the country is suffering chronic food shortages, she has managed to improve the fortunes of her fellow villagers. Malnutrition plagues a third of Malawians but Doney’s community is benefiting from a bumper harvest thanks to farming methods introduced with the support of Caritas Australia.

Send a message to those you love and give a gift to those in need. When you choose a Global Gift you are helping create a lifetime of change for some of the world’s poorest people.

To learn more or to purchase a Global Gift click here or P 1800 024 413.

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Nicole Clements

Nicole Clements is Media Advisor, Caritas Australia

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