In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy

In the Closet of the Vatican claims to expose “the rot at the heart of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church today”. But author Frederic Martel has not accomplished the expose of this assertion.

Martel claims 80% of Vatican residents are homosexual, or “of the parish”, to use his euphemism. He says his assertion is backed by years of research, interviews and solicitous confessions from those within the Vatican and priests, bishops and cardinals around the world.

I understand the folly inherent in tone policing, but it is difficult to take In the Closet of the Vatican seriously. Martel claims his work is backed by research and in-depth investigation, but it reads like something straight out of a cheesy gossip magazine you’d thumb through while waiting in line at a grocery store checkout.

Notably missing from the book are citations, references or any supporting documentation that could speak to its veracity. While a lot of Martel’s assertions are backed by quotes from named sources, it is hard to ignore the overly dramatic language and the author’s constant use of conjecture.

Even if Martel’s claims are correct, it is difficult to see this book as anything more than unverifiable gossip.

If you have the time to read 555 pages of needlessly inflammatory statements and fanciful romps of conjecture, this book is for you.

As for the author Martel, he would have been better off handing over his work and research to more competent writers not inclined to capitalise on the Catholic Church’s ongoing scandals.

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